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We foster a community of data experts in

the Czech Republic,

emphasizing the management of data and information as a crucial resource.

We achieve this by linking individuals,

offering tools, and facilitating growth.

Affiliated to DAMA International

DAMA International, also known as the Data Management Association International, is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing concepts and practices related to data management and information resource management, founded in 1980 in Los Angeles. There are 80+ local chapters with 15,000+ members worldwide.

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Our mission is to lead the way in advancing the practices and concepts of information and data management in the Czech Republic.

Our vision is to be the key facilitator and essential organization for professionals in Data and Information Management in the Czech Republic.

Increase awareness of data management best practices. Promote the adoption of data management best practices in Czech organizations. Foster a community of data management professionals in the Czech Republic

“We believe that effective data management is the cornerstone of successful organizations (academia, private sector, public sector) in today's data-driven world. Through collaboration, education, and innovation, we aim to empower professionals and organizations to harness the full potential of their data.”




Connect with both regional and global networks of DAMA members who are truly doing data management across industries.

The network can be a valuable resource for career development, mentorship, job opportunities, and business partnerships.

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Continuous learning

Continuous learning through meetups, roundtables, symposia, webinars and guest speaker events.

These programs help DAMA members stay updated on data management trends, develop new skills, and expand their knowledge base.

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Bespoke development

Bespoke professional and personal development through DAMA certification and DAMA member mentors

These resources can support DAMA members in their career advancement and job search efforts.



hosted by DAMA International and DAMA Czech Republic

September 30, 2024

Marriott Prague hotel

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Board of Directors

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Orange Blur Circle Illustration

Shivendra Rai


Michal Bodnar

Vice president & Director, Financial Services

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Martin Novak


Membership Services

Martin Bergner

Director, Programs

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Miroslav Umlauf


Sponsorships & Events

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Martin Bem



The Board of Directors is a driving force that propels us toward realizing our mission.

Visionaries and experts with a commitment to Data Governance from Adastra, Avast, and Allwyn,

are passionate about advancing data management practices.


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Up to 5 members

6 000 CZK/ year

6-10 members

12 000CZK/year

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Network is your asset”


1 500 CZK/year

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Certified Data Management


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Access email and contacts

Engage with our network of professionals to collaborate and exchange knowledge

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Shape the future of DAMA Czech

Speaking opportunities at DAMA Czech conferences & and events

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CDMP certification discount

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Access DAMA Czech member events

Conferences, trainings, networking, seminars, and more

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Access digital content

Video recordings, presentations, articles, and more

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Stay updated on Modern Data Management

Active engagement with technical presentations, success stories, and best practices

DMBoK content creation

Opportunity to collaborate on new materials with DAMA Czech's multidisciplinary teams

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Exclusive trainings

for CDMP Certification

Peer group support

for CDMP Certification

If you are interested in becoming a member, please fill the Membership Registration Form

Martin Novak

Director, Membership Services


For further details, kindly get in touch

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Miroslav Umlauf


Sponsorships & Events

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